James on the BeachHi! Thanks for visiting Miniimize Me, the 90-day Wii weight loss project.

I’m James, a lifelong gamer in my early 30′s who’s packed on roughly 30 excess pounds. My goal is to get down to a healthier weight, and I plan to do it by playing active games on the Nintendo Wii. I’ll be chronicling my progress on this blog for anyone who’d like to follow along, and also sharing other information that may be of interest to a gamer looking to lose some weight with the Wii.

Some of the games that I’ll be playing are:

And more if I can get my hands on them!

If you’d like to know more, a good place to start would be the introduction post. It covers such burning questions as, how did this blog come to be? How come the Wii? And, what’s the deal with the 90-day time limit?

If you’d like to jump right into some of the posts on the site, I’d suggest checking these guys out:

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