Day Eighteen: Hedonism

I didn’t weight myself on Wii Fit today. Instead, here is a picture of a walrus.

Since I didn’t weight myself, I didn’t get a Wii Fit age. Let’s just say it was 21. Here is a picture of me when I was 21.

Me Goth in Hallway at 21

It was a day of rest for EA Sports Active. Therefore I didn’t do any exercises. However I can provide an image of a building that sums up how I feel about jump lunges.

I did do some drinking today. Here is what I did drank.

Tonight I went to a diner. Before leaving I got into line for the restroom. While waiting for the men’s room to become available, I could hear a girl voluntarily throwing up in the lady’s room. I could tell that it was different from normal drunk sick or just plain old sick sick. It was a very specific series of retches and spits. Her friend was tapping on the door saying, “come on, let’s just go home.”

A woman ahead of me ahead of me in line asked if I’d mind if she used the men’s room. “Fair enough,” I said. I suppose she didn’t want to sit on the puke. I wouldn’t either. Though I didn’t know if what she’d be sitting on in the men’s room would be much better.

While today hasn’t been the greatest day in terms of health and fitness, I think there’s a sense of proportionality that goes hand in hand with the idea of “health”. If you’re so concerned about controlling your body that you feel the need to eject food after eating it, that’s not such a healthy thing. And if you feel so lackadaisical toward your body that you don’t care what goes into it, that’s not so great either.

I think good health is both physical and mental. It involves making good choices for your body, and also appreciating time spent relaxing and celebrating with friends. Sometimes that may not lead to the best decision from a dietary or fitness perspective, but I feel like forgoing those opportunities is ultimately impoverishing. Consistently applied, nutritional dogma may add a few years to your life, but I’m not sure it’s worth the stress and missed experiences.