Day Fourteen: Lunge-a-palooza

Gadzooks! Could at be that I’m not far from breaking into the 160′s? Whenever there’s such a major change from day to day I’m always inclined to think that it’s just a fluke. But here on the cusp of something that feels like a milestone, I want to believe.

Wii Fit Weight - October 20th, 2009

No such luck with the Wii Fit Age. Today I tried something a bit different on the one-legged balance test. I tried using my left leg instead of my right. Turns out this wasn’t the best idea. I only scored in 50′s, where I usually get in the 70′s – 80′s on the right leg.

Wii Fit Weight - October 20th, 2009

EA Sports Active was completely lunge happy today. Almost the entire program consisted of alternating side lunges with toe touches, alternating lunges, alternating reverse lunches, and balance board volleyball with lunges. My lunging abilities are going to be fantastic at the end of the 30-day challenge! I’m not sure what the practical applications are though. I guess I can lurch out of dark alleys and spook people.

EA Sports Active 30-day challenge, October 20th, 2009

Today’s workout also involved kick ups on the jogging track. Kick ups differ from running in that you try to kick your legs up high enough to strike own butt with your heels. As much fun as it is to kick your own ass , it’s also pretty tiring. I think I may have done it faster and sloppier than intended just to get through it faster.

Dinner - October 20th, 2009

Dinner tonight was a tasty chicken in a wine sauce with salad, quinoa, avocado, and bread. A Guinness was perhaps consumed as well. nom.