Day Eleven: Curse of the Temptress

Yesterday’s slight bump up in weight is followed by a slightly larger dip down today. I’ll take that.

Wii Fit Weight - October 18th, 2009

More than 10 years difference in today’s Wii Fit age. I assume this has nothing to do with the weight loss and everything to do with the fact that I did slightly better on an agility game.

Wii Fit Age - October 17th, 2009

The EA Sports Active workout today focused on upper body, and involved some cardio boxing with the balance board that was quite fun. There were still a lot of lunges, but not so much jumping.

EA Sports Active Challenge - October 17th, 2009

While I was pleased by the reduced emphasis on leaping, I do find the strength exercises a bit lacking. The game comes with what is essentially an enormous dental dam with handles. It provides some resistance, but very little. Also, it’s difficult to be sure if you’re getting the same resistance on both your right and left arms.

I’m also increasingly frustrated by some of the game’s motion detection snafus. At the end of some reps I’m told over and over to “STAY STILL”, despite the fact that I’m totally still. The way to make it move on? Shake wildly. I don’t think that’s the intended design. The trainer will sometimes criticize your form, but there’s no way of seeing what’s wrong with it.Unlike Wii Fit, there is no visual or audio feedback to let you know where the game actually wants you to be.

In addition, the language that the game uses suggests that you aren’t trying hard enough, which is infuriating. “I want you to go a little further on that rep.” seems to be the trainer’s way of saying “I don’t know if you finished that rep or not because my motion detection sucks. So I’ll just assume you didn’t, and criticize you.” De-motivating.

After EA Sports Active I sunk 25 minutes into Wii Fit Plus. Ah, Wii Fit. A less intense workout, but a much tighter package.

Wii Fit Time - October 17th, 2009

I’d just like to point out that 10 of those minutes come from 10-minute Super Hula Hoop. There are few things as humbling as being nearly brought to tears by a stitch in your side induced by a colorful hula hoop simulator that features an adorable Adolf Hitler Mii cheering you on.

In case your wondering, I did not pick Adolf to be my hula hoop coach. Somehow he’s infiltrated my Mii parade, so now he (along with Grace Jones, Admiral Ackbar, Captain Kangaroo and more) shows up on Wuhu island to make sure I’m getting a good workout. I suppose there are worse things he could be doing.

Today marked a landmark in Advanced Obstacle Course. I finally completed all four levels! There’s one relatively tricky part in the middle of the fourth zone. But aside from that, the rest of it is a breeze for me now.

Advanced Obstacle Course - October 17th, 2009

There was a mysterious package waiting for me when I woke up today. It was tightly sealed in bubble wrap and weighty indeed. It had come from a friend back east. Perhaps because I had been helping her with her thesis? But what secrets did it hold?

I will tell you this, the contents could be consumed in units of spiders and/or worms.

Serving Size - 1 spider, 1 worm

Check this thing out. Gummy spiders, gummy worms, sugar dusted jelly pumpkins, and enormous cookies as big as your face! What a terrifyingly tempting array.


A bounty to be sure, but a bittersweet delight. Nothing would have pleased me more than to suck down all of the powdered sugar, butter, corn syrup, and oodles of sugar in this feast. But now was not the time to succumb to my old ways of gobbling up every delicious thing I laid eyes upon. I both thanked and cursed my distant friend for her well-intentioned sabotage.

I must confess to eating a cookie and a worm. I tried to resist, but they ensnared me in their wicked web of succulence. I’m trying to pawn the rest of the treats off on my roommates. Hopefully they will devour it all before I hear them singing sweetly to me once more in the gloom of night.

eeeaaaaattttt ussssssss. eaaaattttt ussssss. soooo yummmmyyyyy…

The call is coming from inside the kitchen.