Day Eight: Recap – Vice

I may as well confess, I’ve got a problem.

The weird mermaid space lady is using her mentalist powers on me

The weird mermaid space lady is using her mentalist powers on me!

Starbucks, I can’t quit you.

I don’t particularly love coffee, in fact I don’t really like the taste at all. As strained bean runoff goes, it’s alright I guess. But for the most part I find the first few sips okay to pleasurable, the middle tolerable, and the bottom of the cup harsh and unsavory. Time for a warm up!

The smell though – the smell is terrific. I suppose there’s some sense memory at work there. When I was growing up Dunkin’ Donuts coffee was ubiquitous. My grandmother would always get two cups, one to drink now and one to heat up later in the microwave. The microwave was like a super atomizer for the coffee fragrance, and it would hang in the air for several minutes.

On winter mornings I’d clutch the paper coffee cups to warm up my hands. I was never interested in drinking it, just holding it and smelling it.

When I was in high school Dunks started offering vanilla and hazelnut coffee. The taste was nothing like vanilla or hazelnut. It was chemical like floor cleaner. Mixed with three packets or more of sugar, it made the coffee taste like a nutty jolly rancher. With enough cream added, it could be mistaken for nutty jolly rancher ice cream. This was when my problem started.

I wasn’t wild about coffee, but I was cuckoo for candy. I also found that I responded quickly and aggressively to the effects of caffeine, and that I enjoyed them. On a stinging slushy winter morning following two or three hours of sleep, a hot cup of liquid candy that would shock my body awake was exactly what I craved.

It was also a ticket into the coffee club. Taking orders for family and friends for Dunkin’s runs, going out to grab a coffee, being able to complain that I hadn’t had my daily coffee yet, it was all part of a social experience I’d never been apart of. Since I could never get the hang of smoking, this was the next best thing.

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate different varieties of coffee, and to drink it with less and less adornment. Now I can drink good coffee black, and understand that it is good. But that doesn’t mean I like it.

Coffee isn’t a thing that I seek out because I enjoy its company. Rather it is something I need to have because its absence is keenly felt, and without it the day is slushy and stings.

Nutrition Facts:

Total Calories: 1297.5
Calories from Fat: 376
Fat: 28.2 grams
Carbohydrates: 158.95 grams
Fiber: 10.35 grams
Protein: 49.25 grams

Exercise Level (Low):

Walking 1 mile
Fitness Test 15 minutes

Foods Devoured:

Italian Bread
Balsamic Vinegar
Italian Bread
Turkey Burger
Roast Potatoes
Turkey Meatball
Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte