Day Six: Recap – The Worm Turns… Inside my Belly!

After yesterday’s post about the downsides of alcohol, you’d think that today would be booze free. Your assumption would be as reasonable as it is wrong.

Gummi Worms weird me out because they look like they actually COULD be a real animal

Gummi Worms weird me out because they look like they actually COULD be a real animal.

Today included two get-togetherings. First, a charming birthday party with a hostess who really knew her way around a kitchen (and a bottle). She made some scrumptious Sangria, which I would like to believe is the equivalent of a liquid fruit salad. She also made sorbet with boozey kick. There was lemon/vodka, peach/rum, and… another one that was very tasty.

After that I visited another friend who was introducing his British house guest to foods that are not available in the U.K. This included strawberry soda and Hawaiian Punch, Air Heads with sour gel packs, and gummi worms – among others. He concocted a beverage for me consisting of the Hawaiian Punch, Gin, Sour Gel, Airborne – to activate a fizz, and an orgy of gummi worms at the bottom of the glass.

It was a maelstrom of corn syrup in both liquid and solid form, and quite delicious. The worms were a pleasant surprise, making the whole thing into a sort of Tequila by way of Willy Wonka. It was an unnatural mirror to the sangria earlier that evening. Where the sangria’s fruit had grown soft as it soaked up the alcohol, the worms hardened, developing a thick carapace. If left long enough they may have transformed into drunken candy moths. But I ate them before they had the chance.

I find this is good policy whenever you find your food evolving into a more powerful form; one that you may not be able to control.

As you might expect, this was a big day on the calorie front. Behold the damage below.

Nutrition Facts:

Total Calories: 4207.26
Calories from Fat: 876.75
Fat: 101.20 grams
Carbohydrates: 509.34 grams
Fiber: 23.78 grams
Protein: 76.06 grams

Exercise Level: Low

Walking 1 mile (moderate)

Foods Devoured:

Vanilla Yogurt with Chocolate Chunks
Chocolate Chip Waffles
Orange Juice
Pepsi Max
Chicken Foccacia Sandwich
Home Fries
Mai Tai
Mai Tai

For those keeping score, you’ll notice that the wormy drink doesn’t appear on the day’s food list. That’s because I couldn’t find nutrition facts online for such a beverage. Instead, I’m calling it a Mai Tai, which doesn’t really do it justice.

Incidentally, if you’re lucky enough to live in a state with a Friendly’s, I highly recommend the Cone Head Sundae. It is small as sundaes go, after all, it comes from the children’s menu. And like the gummi worm drink, there is a surprise at the bottom of the dish. Unless your heart is lifeless and dead, it is sure to bring you much joy. So treat yourself to pleasure! Go on, you deserve it.

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/ CC BY-NC-SA 2.0