Week One: Knowing the Unknowable

The first week of the project is well underway. You may be wondering what’s on the fitness agenda? Will it be Wii Fit? EA Sports Active? Keeping it real with Wii Sports? Actually, none of the above. Instead, it’s about getting in touch with one of Bill and Ted’s most righteous companions.

The path of self knowledge is the only way to avoid self abuse

Socrates Sez: The path of self knowledge is the only way to avoid self abuse

The goal of this week is not to modify my behavior at all. Instead, I will be going about an ordinary week, and keeping track of my exercise, what I eat, how much I weigh, and so on in a handy dandy google doc – which, by the way, is available for you to check out at any time you’d like.

At the end of the week I’ll be looking over the data to see if I can identify any unhealthy patterns that look like prime culprits in my fattitude. I suspect to find more than a few nasty habits that are clearly in need of change. Those will be the first things to work on.

Once I’ve corrected the big nasties, I think success will be a matter of discipline and regular tweaks along the way.

So, this week isn’t going to be super exciting. And it’s not going to involve a lot of Wii gaming. Instead, it’s about making myself more scrutable. Like the oh so scrutable Sulu.