Now is the Beginning of a Fantastic Story!

This is the beginning of a 90 day adventure. Over the next three months I plan on setting and reaching my weight loss goals, and I intend to have fun doing it.

I’ll be watching what I eat, trying to be more active in general, but most of all I’ll be using my Nintendo Wii.

I’ll go into more detail soon about why I decided to start this site, and how I plan to use it. But for now it needs to start somewhere, so this here it is.

I hope that some people will come along for the ride to keep me honest and share their experiences too.

Anyway, at the outset of any new venture I am emboldened by the sage words of Bubble Bobble:

“Now is the beginning of
a fantastic story! Let us
make a journey to
the cave of monsters!

Good Luck!”

Thanks guys!

By putting the end in the first post I have put the cart before the horse. The horse is SO confused right now.

By putting an ending in the first post I have put a cart before a horse. The horse must be SO confused right now.